The Centre Dentaire Avenue du Parc utilizes the latest technologies in order to provide the best possible service to our patients. We use CEREC technology, a intra-oral camera, rotary endodontics and digital radiology and all our charts are now electronic. Also, wi-fi is available to our patients in the waiting room.

Yes, we use Hydrim, Statim, Bravo and Lysa sterilizers, which are known for their efficiency and reliability. Biological tests are made by an independent lab frequently to verify the efficiency of the sterilizers. Our team members respect all the appropriate dental clinic hygiene and disinfection standards. The rigorous measures of the Order of Dentists of Quebec are meticulously followed. Thus, we are assured that the health of our patients are well preserved without potentially transmitting any and all infections.

Yes, bring the details of your private insurance with you to your appointment and we will help you claim the refund as soon as possible from your insurance company.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Interact and cash.

 Yes, as financing allows you to have the dental care you require now and to pay later. In order to help our patients have their necessary dental care without financial stress, we offer a finance service with Dentoplan. The financing is available for treatment plans above $3000 and you will need to have 2 valid ID’s, your treatment plan and a credit card.

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